Package com.oreilly.servlet.multipart

Interface Summary
FileRenamePolicy An interface to provide a pluggable file renaming policy, particularly useful to handle naming conflicts with an existing file.

Class Summary
BufferedServletInputStream A BufferedServletInputStream wraps a ServletInputStream in order to provide input buffering and to avoid calling the the readLine method of the wrapped ServletInputStream.
DefaultFileRenamePolicy Implements a renaming policy that adds increasing integers to the body of any file that collides.
FilePart A FilePart is an upload part which represents a INPUT TYPE="file" form parameter.
LimitedServletInputStream A LimitedServletInputStream wraps another ServletInputStream in order to keep track of how many bytes have been read and detect when the Content-Length limit has been reached.
MacBinaryDecoderOutputStream A MacBinaryDecoderOutput filters MacBinary files to normal files on the fly; optimized for speed more than readability.
MultipartParser A utility class to handle multipart/form-data requests, the kind of requests that support file uploads.
ParamPart A ParamPart is an upload part which represents a normal INPUT (for example a non TYPE="file") form parameter.
Part A Part is an abstract upload part which represents an INPUT form element in a multipart/form-data form submission.
PartInputStream A PartInputStream filters a ServletInputStream, providing access to a single MIME part contained with in which ends with the boundary specified.

Exception Summary
ExceededSizeException Thrown to indicate an upload exceeded the maximum size.