Class DefaultFileRenamePolicy

  extended by com.oreilly.servlet.multipart.DefaultFileRenamePolicy
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DefaultFileRenamePolicy
extends java.lang.Object
implements FileRenamePolicy

Implements a renaming policy that adds increasing integers to the body of any file that collides. For example, if foo.gif is being uploaded and a file by the same name already exists, this logic will rename the upload foo1.gif. A second upload by the same name would be foo2.gif. Note that for safety the rename() method creates a zero-length file with the chosen name to act as a marker that the name is taken even before the upload starts writing the bytes.

1.1, 2002/11/05, making thread safe with createNewFile(), 1.0, 2002/04/30, initial revision, thanks to Yoonjung Lee for this idea
Jason Hunter

Constructor Summary
Method Summary rename( f)
          Returns a File object holding a new name for the specified file.
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultFileRenamePolicy()
Method Detail


public rename( f)
Description copied from interface: FileRenamePolicy
Returns a File object holding a new name for the specified file.

Specified by:
rename in interface FileRenamePolicy
See Also:
FilePart.writeTo(File fileOrDirectory)