Package com.oreilly.servlet

Class Summary
Base64Decoder A class to decode Base64 streams and strings.
Base64Encoder A class to encode Base64 streams and strings.
CacheHttpServlet A superclass for HTTP servlets that wish to have their output cached and automatically resent as appropriate according to the servlet's getLastModified() method.
CookieParser A class to simplify cookie retrieval.
DaemonHttpServlet A superclass for HTTP servlets that wish to accept raw socket connections.
HttpMessage A class to simplify HTTP applet-server communication.
HttpsMessage A class to simplify HTTP/HTTPS client-server communication.
LocaleNegotiator A class to aid in servlet internationalization.
LocaleToCharsetMap A mapping to determine the (somewhat arbitrarily) preferred charset for a given locale.
MailMessage A class to help send SMTP email.
MultipartFilter A filter for easy semi-automatic handling of multipart/form-data requests (file uploads).
MultipartRequest A utility class to handle multipart/form-data requests, the kind of requests that support file uploads.
MultipartResponse A utility class to generate multipart/x-mixed-replace responses, the kind of responses that implement server push.
MultipartWrapper A request wrapper to support MultipartFilter.
ParameterParser A class to simplify parameter handling.
RemoteDaemonHttpServlet A superclass for any HTTP servlet that wishes to act as an RMI server and, additionally, accept raw socket connections.
RemoteHttpServlet A superclass for any HTTP servlet that wishes to act as an RMI server.
ServletUtils A collection of static utility methods useful to servlets.
VersionDetector A class to determine the current Servlet API version number, and the current JDK version number.

Exception Summary
CookieNotFoundException Thrown to indicate a cookie does not exist.
ParameterNotFoundException Thrown to indicate a parameter does not exist.