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Servlet Polls

Which XML object model do you use most? 10 December 2004

What is your primary Java development environment? 25 June 2003

Did you attend JavaOne this year? 25 June 2003

Would you buy a "Java Servlet Programming, 3rd Edition" that covers the upcoming Servlet API 2.4? Comments welcome! 26 September 2002

Are you (or will you be) developing with with .NET? 5 March 2002

If you ever ported your servlets/JSPs from one container to another, how easy did you find it? 24 January 2002

Which Servlet API version do you use on your most important site? 16 January 2002

Have you used Apache's Velocity Template Engine on a production site? 27 November 2001

Have you used JavaServer Pages (JSPs) on a production site? 5 November 2001

Have you used Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) to support your servlets on a production site? 24 October 2001

If you use Tomcat, which version do you use on your most important site? 12 October 2001

Which servlet container do you prefer? 5 October 2001

Which "Java Servlet Programming" book cover do you prefer? 4 October 2001

Do you like taking polls? 4 October 2001


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