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Have you used Apache's Velocity Template Engine on a production site?

The following comments have been recorded for Yes, and it went well

  • (22 Feb 2017 00:00)
  • 1 (16 Nov 2016 00:00)
  • 1 (15 Jun 2016 00:00)
  • As Charlie Sheen says, this article is "WNINING!" (7 Apr 2016 00:00)
  • Well done to think of sonmihteg like that (7 Apr 2016 00:00)
  • Furrealz? That's maulrvoesly good to know. (17 Oct 2015 00:00)
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  • Yes we fif and it went well :) (16 Apr 2015 00:00)
  • I use with Struts (16 Jun 2003 00:00)
  • Yes, the Velocity templates provide an excellent separation of "View" and "Control. We used Dreamweaver to build our Velocity Macros, then edited in our dynamic content variables (4 Apr 2003 00:00)
  • MVC without JSPs ! This *has* to be good news! (14 Nov 2002 00:00)
  • Cool! (15 Jan 2002 00:00)
  • We replaced Interwoven's Teamsite (15 Jan 2002 00:00)
  • It went really well. So clean and easy for the web developers to understand. (13 Jan 2002 00:00)
  • I have used Velocity on few sites now and plan to use it for all future web projects. Excellent tool! (11 Jan 2002 00:00)
  • Good, simple but yet pwerful approach that helps creating MVC applications. (11 Jan 2002 00:00)
  • now if the velocity developers would just drop their insane hatred of numbers with decimal points. (22 Dec 2001 00:00)
  • Best template engine today (21 Dec 2001 00:00)
  • Great tool. (21 Dec 2001 00:00)
  • Rolled out a stable site with the features we needed in a short time. Now project has expanded to replace a system under dev. by parent company for 1.5 years. Speaks for itself... (20 Dec 2001 00:00)
  • Excellent technology with lots of competent support. Best approach IMHO to presentation logic.l (20 Dec 2001 00:00)
  • it's got the three O's outstanding funtionality, outstanding usability, and outstanding support (20 Dec 2001 00:00)
  • Easy to set up, and I like the logic flow (20 Dec 2001 00:00)
  • Worked great for our internal tools! Velocity and Turbine rock! (20 Dec 2001 00:00)
  • velocity rocks (20 Dec 2001 00:00)
  • There are still a few non-fatal but non-trivial bugs in it, but it's a major contendor for View language choice. (20 Dec 2001 00:00)
  • Velocity Rocks! (8 Dec 2001 00:00)
  • amazing. i'm on a new job now, and am depending on it again in several areas (6 Dec 2001 00:00)
  • hey, how about that poll portlet, where can one get that... (5 Dec 2001 00:00)
  • Velocity needs better docs and examples, especially on it's us in larger projects. But it has potential. (29 Nov 2001 00:00)
  • We use it as part of our db engine to assemble queries on the fly. For presentation we use JSP. (29 Nov 2001 00:00)
  • Velocity Template Engine + Patterns like DAO, DataValue and Controller = High Quality Site (29 Nov 2001 00:00)
  • Velocity is much better than JSP (29 Nov 2001 00:00)
  • It is a great utility! (29 Nov 2001 00:00)
  • Velocity is by far my preferred way of generating text sources (Html of course, but also Java bean based on SGBD xml schema with torque, text-plain e-mail, Sql scripts etc..). (29 Nov 2001 00:00)
  • Have been impressed by Velocity 1.2, which we use in conjunction with JSP's. Template-driven beans have been a great alternative to taglibs - simpler to write and much easier to deploy. We also use templates for multi-language support and email generation. This has worked well in production so far - getting text out of Java String literals and into external files that can be updated while the server is running! (28 Nov 2001 00:00)
  • Our application is mostly JSP based. We use Velocity to format notification email message and to generate Tomcat's server.xml based on user configuration parameters. (28 Nov 2001 00:00)
  • A great platform! (28 Nov 2001 00:00)
  • Velocity is FANTASTIC! We successfully used Velocity to generate HTML pages representing the internal state of our global IP network. These pages essentially consist of very large HTML tables (approx 6Mb in size, we compress if client supports it) that display metrics between source and destination nodes. These pages refresh every 5 minutes. By using Velocity, we are able to change the "look" of these tables without modifying any Java code because the objects that make up the network are stuffed inside of the context that Velocity uses to render a template. Very cool stuff, highly recommended, easy to develop and debug. (28 Nov 2001 00:00)
  • in some case I think it is better then jsp (28 Nov 2001 00:00)
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