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Would you buy a "Java Servlet Programming, 3rd Edition" that covers the upcoming Servlet API 2.4? Comments welcome!

The following comments have been recorded for Yes, absolutely.

  • 1 (16 Nov 2016 00:00)
  • 1 (15 Jun 2016 00:00)
  • Just what the doctor ordrdee, thankity you! (9 Dec 2015 00:00)
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  • I would love to if I can (16 Apr 2015 00:00)
  • :) I want to buy it (25 Apr 2013 00:00)
  • I need this edition so thank you (19 Jul 2011 00:00)
  • Hi!vutz! twbtp mrhuu ofwzi jitsn sibdi xvsfa dcqrn tlwsw cdbak kxpeb (22 Jul 2009 00:00)
  • thank!! (19 Jul 2006 00:00)
  • expecting the third edition so much (7 Dec 2005 00:00)
  • Yes absolutely. 4 years after the second edition there no better book about this subject available. April 2005, Germany (9 Apr 2005 00:00)
  • Servlets are free!! (11 Feb 2005 00:00)
  • i want a book (6 Feb 2005 00:00)
  • I love Jason's way of expressing the concepts. (20 Mar 2004 00:00)
  • Where is it? (11 Dec 2003 00:00)
  • Jason, we need you. Expecially with the .NET stuff. Have you seen it? The IDE Looks/Works fantastic. C# looks like a knock off of Java. Should we switch? (4 Oct 2003 00:00)
  • Of course. It is always good to have well written programming books that are edited and refined to stay up to date. I would be more than happy to purchase a 3rd edition. (23 Aug 2003 00:00)
  • Assumming I can access it through my Safari Online account. (14 Jul 2003 00:00)
  • Being the author of the only truely complete and accurate servlets book comes with a reponsibility -- you must keep your editions up-to-date. Write it, we will buy it. Thanks. (31 May 2003 00:00)
  • I actually have the latest 2 versions. I am using cos.jar for file upload (using IBM WAS4x and 5x), but I encountered Read timed out Anything like happened before? Thanks. (22 May 2003 00:00)
  • Servlets are changing far too fast. To keep up you need the paper beside you on the desk. It can't cover some Beta version though, it must know the subject as though it's been using it for years. (20 May 2003 00:00)
  • But I just purchased the second edition last week... (23 Apr 2003 00:00)
  • I skipped the 2nd Ed. (22 Apr 2003 00:00)
  • I would be buying several copies on the day it becomes available. Furthermore, this would be mandatory reading in my team. (16 Apr 2003 00:00)
  • indeed (16 Apr 2003 00:00)
  • I haven't java servlet programming, 2nd Edition, so i want 3rd edition. (16 Apr 2003 00:00)
  • Your books are well-written enough that I generally turn to them *before* looking at the servlet spec or API. So yes, a new book would be welcome. (15 Apr 2003 00:00)
  • because it proofs his reliability!! (8 Apr 2003 00:00)
  • Sure (5 Apr 2003 00:00)
  • I've got 2ed and it's absolutely essential!!!!!!!!! (31 Mar 2003 00:00)
  • Yes, there's enough is 2.4 to warrant an update. Perhaps some inclusion of "cookbook" type solutions in the EJB space aswell. (31 Mar 2003 00:00)
  • It would be outstanding if, when servlet functionality is discussed, the 2.4-specific material could be labeled or in some way denoted as "proposed", to differentiate it from the 2.3 stuff. (26 Mar 2003 00:00)
  • I have an earlier edition, but wouldn't hesitate to buy an up to date version. T'was a good book. (14 Feb 2003 00:00)
  • Yes, only because I haven't bought the first or second editions yet... (12 Feb 2003 00:00)
  • Go go go! (10 Feb 2003 00:00)
  • it's interesting (29 Jan 2003 00:00)
  • I need it! (29 Jan 2003 00:00)
  • I'm just starting in Java Servlets and I I'm studying an older book (API 2.2). (24 Jan 2003 00:00)
  • I am sure Jason will come up with a lot of good material for the 3rd edition. I would appreciate coverage of filters used for programmatic security, best practices for application lifecycle event listeners, performance comparison of JavaFaces + JSTL with Struts + Velocity, analysis of using servlet-based frameworks with EJB technology. Again, I have no doubts about high quality of the book contents. and (24 Jan 2003 00:00)
  • discard tea and etc add more code for security and examples (23 Jan 2003 00:00)
  • The Second edition is a member of my book shelf, i would most certainly buy the next edition. This is the best Servlet book out by far! (23 Jan 2003 00:00)
  • I have to work with and I am a beginner without reading I have to chance (9 Jan 2003 00:00)
  • Lots of people are just getting started. May as well begin with what is current. (26 Dec 2002 00:00)
  • Would like to see in 3rd Edition: - Best design practices/patterns using Servlet in e-commerce app. Don't Want to see in 3rd Edition: - No JDBC - No JSP - No EJB Because programmers can buy books on those subjects. (6 Dec 2002 00:00)
  • i skipped the second edition (22 Nov 2002 00:00)
  • I personally feel that besides 2.4, the book needs to expand on issues relating to internationalization and security issues. Lots of webapps seems to be reinenting the pavaed road instead of trying to leaverage what is already there in the reference implementation. A more robust exposition would mitigate that. (17 Nov 2002 00:00)
  • Its pretty important for tech books to stay current (but then I don't own a copy yet !!) (6 Nov 2002 00:00)
  • Yes, if it contained "real life" examples such as the kind that are in "Java CookBook". Also in depth explanations would have to accompany these examples. No one or two paraghraphs on what an example does wouldn't cut it for me. (23 Oct 2002 00:00)
  • More power to you, Mr. Hunter! (23 Oct 2002 00:00)
  • yes i like to buy it, because for me is very importan learn about servlets, because in the actuality this is a thing very importan (16 Oct 2002 00:00)
  • Of course ! I'd rather buy it in english... (10 Oct 2002 00:00)
  • Well that is what the programming world is all about. And we got to change the very essence of our learning for a better project enhancement. just that is it is tough to transh the prior book but hten what is the use of it staying in the bookshelf. And personally books have really help me lot and foucsed my carrer. Go just do it!!!! (30 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • I've read the 1st and 2nd editions and they are very helpful. (30 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • Yes, absolutely. The first thing I tell new progammers starting to work in a java enabled environment is to study your book. (30 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • You do a great job. I would either have to be poor or nuts not to buy your book. (29 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • Yes, my 1st edition is getting old, and an up-to-date version with whatever improvements you make would be worth it. (28 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • I'd like to see it become a more advance book talking about best practices w/ Velocity & JSP and MVC without getting locked into Struts... Then, this might no longer be considered "Java Servlet" programming. (27 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • I thing that is important for us programmers (27 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • Yes; if for no other reason to replace some chapters that are interesting, but extraneous (ie. The TEA Framewrok). (27 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • I have the 1st edition but not the 2nd so a latest up to date edition would be welcome (27 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • Do it dude! (27 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • I think it is worth it... (27 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • It would be nice if there were 'more' than just incorporation of 2.4 updates - maybe new/additional examples? (27 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • i would do it, because i do not have the old one and i am planing to buy a book about servlets. (27 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • Your book (outdated today - lacks filters (i got your marvellous paper about it)) is the best. I'll bought any new edition. (27 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • I always want a good reference, and not just the spec. (26 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • I am guilty. I am back at first edition so I am ready. I would be especially keen if there was a pretty thorough treatment of JSPs so I won't need more coverage there. (26 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • But then again -- I'll buy the new edition of ANY O'Reilly book that covers a Java related technology. I just wish they'd stop changing the color of the covers without changing the content :) (26 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • i already have the 1st and the 2nd edition! (26 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • A what's new guide would be nice--as would be a general refresh of the book bringing up everything from 2.2 to 2.4. (26 Sep 2002 00:00)
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