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Table of Contents for Java Servlet Programming, 2nd Edition








Chapter 1: Introduction
History of Web Applications
Support for Servlets
The Power of Servlets

Chapter 2: HTTP Servlet Basics
HTTP Basics
The Servlet API
Page Generation
Web Applications
Moving On

Chapter 3: The Servlet Lifecycle
The Servlet Alternative
Servlet Reloading
Init and Destroy
Single-Thread Model
Background Processing
Load on Startup
Client-Side Caching
Server-Side Caching

Chapter 4: Retrieving Information
The Servlet
The Server
The Client

Chapter 5: Sending HTML Information
The Structure of a Response
Sending a Normal Response
Response Buffering
Status Codes
HTTP Headers
When Things Go Wrong
Six Ways to Skin a Servlet Cat

Chapter 6: Sending Multimedia Content
Compressed Content
Server Push

Chapter 7: Session Tracking
User Authorization
Hidden Form Fields
URL Rewriting
Persistent Cookies
The Session Tracking API

Chapter 8: Security
HTTP Authentication
Form-Based Authentication
Custom Authentication
Digital Certificates
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Chapter 9: Database Connectivity
Relational Databases
Reusing Database Objects
A Guestbook Servlet
Advanced JDBC Techniques
Beyond the Core

Chapter 10: Applet-Servlet Communication
Communication Options
Daytime Server
Chat Server

Chapter 11: Servlet Collaboration
Sharing Information
Sharing Control

Chapter 12: Enterprise Servlets and J2EE
Distributing Load
Integrating with J2EE

Chapter 13: Internationalization
Western European Languages
Conforming to Local Customs
Non-Western European Languages
Multiple Languages
Dynamic Language Negotiation
HTML Forms

Chapter 14: The Tea Framework
The Tea Language
Getting Started
Request Information
Tea Administration
Tea Applications
A Tool Application
Final Words

Chapter 15: WebMacro
The WebMacro Framework
Installing WebMacro
WebMacro Directives
WebMacro Templates
A Tool Application

Chapter 16: Elements Construction Set
Page Components as Objects
Displaying a Result Set

Chapter 17: XMLC
A Simple XML Compile
The Manipulation Class
A Tool Application

Chapter 18: JavaServer Pages
Using JavaServer Pages
Behind the Scenes
Expressions and Declarations
JSP and JavaBeans
Includes and Forwards
A Tool Application
Custom Tag Libraries

Chapter 19: Odds and Ends
Parsing Parameters
Sending Email
Using Regular Expressions
Executing Programs
Using Native Methods
Acting as an RMI Client
Performance Tuning

Chapter 20: What's New in the Servlet 2.3 API
Changes in the Servlet API 2.3

Appendix A: Servlet API Quick Reference

Appendix B: HTTP Servlet API Quick Reference

Appendix C: Deployment Descriptor DTD Reference

Appendix D: HTTP Status Codes

Appendix E: Character Entities

Appendix F: Charsets

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