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Chapter 11 Examples from Java Servlet Programming, 2nd Ed

Examples from other chapters:

Example 11.1 and 11.2: Me gustan burritos / especial del día
These two servlets store burrito special of the day deals in the servlet context. Note that someone else may have already set the special. Maybe you want to
try the getter first to know if someone did, and when.

Example 11.3 and 11.4: A search engine
These two servlets demonstrate how one servlet can performs a search, then forward the search results to another page for rendering.

Example 11.5: Go directly to Home, do not pass Go
This servlet demonstrates the problems with relative URL handling by forwarding a request to the home page of this context. Notice how the URL stays the same and thus relative links are broken. (Hit Back to return to this page.)

Example 11.6 to 11.8: Including a catalog item
This servlet demonstrates how information can be passed to the called resource using an attached query string or using request attributes set with the setAttribute() method. The servlet displays a catalog item by forwarding a Book object to another servlet.


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