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Errata to Java Servlet Programming, 2nd Edition

This page lists the known non-trivial mistakes and updates to Java Servlet Programming, 2nd Edition. For an exhaustive list of updates, see

If you believe you have spotted a mistake, please contact

Chapter 4, Page 92
The code demonstrating getParameterValues() should use a parameter named "features" instead of "words".
String[] features = req.getParameterValues("features");
Chapter 4, Page 99
The method getContextPath() resides in HttpServletRequest, not in ServletRequest as shown.
Chapter 6, Page 165, Example 6-1
The name of the WML file in the caption of Example 6-1 should be "drinks.wml".
Chapter 6, Page 179, Example 6-7
The method chart.addDataSet() has been removed from KavaChart and replaced by chart.addDataset(). Note the case of the "S".
Chapter 6, Page 185
The site with the variety of counter images has gone away. Some of the images can still be found at The odometer images can still be found here on in the /images/odometer directory.
Chapter 7, Page 203, Example 7-1
The Example 7-1 code writing the HTML form should escape the double-quotes around item: NAME=\"item\".
Chapter 7, Page 207
The end of the first line of text refers to IDsgetPathInfo(). This should be simply getPathInfo().
Chapter 9, Page 287, Example 9-8
The ConnectionPool class should try to close an invalid connection before replacing it, to support databases like Oracle which require explicit closing. Before the line connections.remove(con) there should be try { con.close(); } catch (SQLException ignored) { }.
Chapter 15, Page 458, Example 15-4
The file shown in Example 15-4 has been truncated but the surrounding text doesn't warn the reader to that effect. For a complete file look to the WebMacro distribution or to the downloadable examples code available on this site.


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