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About Java Servlet Programming, 2nd Edition

Over the past few years, Java servlets have taken the server-side programming community by storm. Now, with the introduction of Version 2.3 of the Servlet API, servlets are taking Java to a new level of software development for the Web.

Servlets offer a fast, powerful, portable environment for creating dynamic web content. They can execute within the web server's process space and they persist between invocations, which gives them tremendous performance benefits over other solutions. Servlets have full access to the various Java APIs as well as third-party component classes, and are an integral part of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE). Best of all, servlets are portable among operating systems and among servers-with servlets you can "write once, serve anywhere."

Java Servlet Programming, 2nd Edition, is a thorough update to this bestselling book. For readers who are just starting with servlets, this book explains how to use servlets to create powerful, interactive web applications. Topics include dynamic HTML pages, XML documents, WAP (wireless) and multimedia content, integrated session tracking, and efficient database connectivity using JDBC. If you are already familiar with servlets, this book brings you up-to-date, covering such topics as web application archive (WAR) files and deployment descriptors, J2EE integration and load distribution, server-managed role-based security, optimized servlet collaboration, and JavaServer Pages (JSP), and other content-creation frameworks.

“The second edition tops the first—already a classic for web developers—by being even more readable and well explained. You’ll come back to this book again and again for its depth and breadth of tips, tricks, and examples.”
—Danny Coward, Servlet API Specification Lead

“Servlets have come a long way from their simple roots. There is more functionality than ever before.... Jason Hunter explains all of their new capabilities and takes a fresh look at the core features that make the Servlet API so popular. This is the all-inclusive reference and how-to guide that you’ve been looking for.”
—James Duncan Davidson, creator of Apache Tomcat and Apache Ant

New: Java Servlet Programming, 2nd Edition, has been selected as a JavaWorld Editor's Choice Award finalist!

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