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Errata to Java Servlet Programming, 1st Edition

This page lists the known non-trivial mistakes and updates to Java Servlet Programming. For an exhaustive list of updates, see

If you believe you have spotted a mistake, please contact

Preface, Page xii (as well as other locations)
The URL for the Java Servlet Development Kit (JSDK) has changed from to

Chapter 1, Page 10
The JavaServer Toolkit is now synonymous with the JavaServer Engine and is available at

Chapter 6, Page 191
It should be pointed out that Microsoft Internet Explorer does not yet support server push and the multipart/x-mixed-replace content type.

Chapter 8, Page 226
The Example 8-2 code that generates the SC_UNAUTHORIZED code fails on some servers where the implementation of sendError() is such that it doesn't allow the following WWW-Authenticate header to be set. The fix is to call setHeader() before sendError().

Chapter 12, Page 377 (New)
The description of Example 12-7 incorrectly states the code displays "Hello World!" in Hebrew. Turns out I never got that translation nailed.

Appendix E, Page 484
The charsets for Chinese are reversed. Simplified/Mainland should be GB2312, and Traditional/Taiwan should be Big5. Elsewhere in the book it is correct.


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