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Jason Hunter is Principal Technologist with Mark Logic, specializing in large-scale XML content manipulation using XQuery. He's probably best known as the author of Java Servlet Programming and co-author of Java Enterprise Best Practices (both from O'Reilly Media). He's also an Apache Member and as Apache's representative to the Java Community Process Executive Committee he established a landmark agreement allowing open source Java. He's publisher of and, an original contributer to Apache Tomcat (and Apache Ant committer), the creator of the com.oreilly.servlet library, and a member of the expert groups responsible for Servlet, JSP, JAXP, and XQJ API development, and he was recently appointed a Sun Java Champion. He co-created the open source JDOM library to enable optimized Java and XML integration. Jason has extensive experience as a professional trainer and public speaker. His largest audience was 15,000 at JavaOne (below). In 2003, he received the Oracle Magazine Author of the Year award.

Jason previously worked as Senior Technologist with CollabNet, a company that provides tools and services for open source style collaboration. Before CollabNet he held the position of Chief Technology Officer at K&A Software, a company specializing in Java training and consulting, where he acted as hired gun Java guru for dozens of companies including Sun Microsystems. He started his career at Silicon Graphics where he was responsible for developing (and breaking) all sorts of Web technologies.

Sun CEO Scott McNealy, Jason Hunter, and Sun VP Rob Gingell at the JavaOne Conference Keynote, March 2002; Play movie.

Jason graduated summa cum laude from Willamette University (Salem, Oregon) in 1995 with a degree in computer science. He received Willamette's Young Alumni Leadership Award in 2005.

Jason began programming in Java in the summer of 1995 and has been involved with servlets and related server-side technologies since December 1996 -- and XQuery since May 2002. If by some miracle you don't find him at work, he's probably out hiking in the mountains.


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