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com.oreilly.servlet Readme

This is the README file for the com.oreilly.servlet package.

The com.oreilly.servlet package is the "must have" class library for servlet developers. There are classes to help servlets parse parameters, handle file uploads, generate multipart responses (server push), negotiate locales for internationalization, return files, manage socket connections, and act as RMI servers, as well as a class to help applets communicate with servlets. Since the first edition, there are also new classes to help servlets send email messages, cache responses, and auto-detect servlet API support. The latest version is available online (with javadoc documentation) for download from

Why did I write these classes? They started out as chapter examples in my book Java Servlet Programming being published by O'Reilly Media. Then one happy day I recognized they could, with a little modification, live on their own as reusable utility classes. That day, or maybe a few procrastinating days later, com.oreilly.servlet was born.

The classes in the com.oreilly.servlet package have been offered from this site since April 1998, with periodic updates mostly to work around browser bugs involving file upload. The MultipartRequest class has become the de facto standard for handling file uploads. The classes have been widely tested on a multitude of platforms and server configurations, by literally millions of people, and you should find this a very stable release.

I hope you enjoy using these classes and that they help you write more powerful and elegant servlets.

Lastly, please respect the license for this package.

Jason Hunter


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