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Reviews for ISP: Infinite Host

The following comments have been recorded for "Infinite Host".

Average Overall Score: 2.3
Average Features Score: 3.7
Average Reliability Score: 2.7
Average Support Score: 2.3

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Date: February 5, 2002
Reviewer: Michael Sheeley  
Overall: 1     Features: 1     Reliability: 1     Support: 1

Down time is a problem, stat server never works, db connection goes down all the time, support never does what they say they will do, and I had billing problems. Save yourself the problems and don’t use them.

Great features, POOR service

Date: February 13, 2003
Reviewer: amaria  
Reviewer site:
Overall: 2     Features: 5     Reliability: 3     Support: 1

Very disappointing. I was looking for someone to host my Servlet applications when I stumbled across this ISP. They have some GREAT features at an ok price. They're sales people were friendly and responded quickly to my pre-sales questions. However, things quickly deteriorated once I started using them. Their servers were down ALOT and I had to constantly badger their supposed emergency support for a response. And their servers are SLOW.

Overall good Service and Support

Date: February 16, 2003
Reviewer: Lenord Morse  
Overall: 4     Features: 5     Reliability: 4     Support: 5

I must admit when I first started I was a little optimistic about things not working. However, it was due to my lack of knowledge how things work, but after everthing was setup I was fine. Their support team is really knowledgable and I have actually learned somethings.
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