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Reviews for ISP: India Internets

The following comments have been recorded for "India Internets".

Average Overall Score: 1.0
Average Features Score: 1.0
Average Reliability Score: 1.0
Average Support Score: 1.0

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Pathetic response from TataIndicom Ė presales

Date: September 4, 2006
Reviewer: ketan   (
Overall: 1     Features: N/A     Reliability: 1     Support: 1


Iím writing this email to provide you folks a feedback on the services by TataIndicom folks in Bangalore. After a long offline conversation with TI people they could finally spare some time to come over to our area and discussed the commencement of the services, we did not have any other options as Airtel or other SPs are not around yet.

I had applied for a Business 2000 Plan and provided all the details they wanted on same day, this is done somewhere on the 3rd or 4th week of the July 2006. Now they confirmed that they will do me a favor and get me the connection in another week or so. However the other folks in the area will take about 10-15 days. It had been already 2 weeks and I had no idea where these people were after they visited our place to collect documents.

There is a local guy, Srinivas Ė I guess the cable connection guy who is going to provide the services once TI is finished with installation and all. This guy had been little kind to respond to my phone calls for sometime but after a couple of weeks he is also not picking up the phone calls. Iím visiting US for a month now and my wife was doing a regular follow-up with TATA Indicom guys without any luck. THEY WERE NOT ONLY UNRESPONSIVE BUT RUDE TOO. While my wife asked a person from TATA Indicom (his name is Darshan and should be from setup team) a few times about the status , he either did not answer or asked her to wait till tomorrow. It looks like 3 weeks back they had the Routers installed at my owners place and could get the connection functioning only after another 2 weeks from installation (are they really Technical guys!) all the while my wife did not get any response either from Srinivas or Darshan, Darshan (Tata Indicome) person is really showing all his attitude saying he doesnít know hindi and cannot speak in hindi with customer. I donít know how Tata Indicom has chosen this type of folks and that too with customer services.

I had to call up Srinivas and Darshan all along from US for couple of times as they were not responding to phone calls from my family members, Srinivas finally spoke to me and confirmed that heíll get it done next day. I hope you folks know what would have happened next day, I donít need to explain. So, its been more than a month I had applied for connection and its been close to a month and a week Tata Indicom committed to get the connection thru now.. and looks like no one is going to turn up now. Iíd rate BSNL a far far better ISP here, they take sometime, but they complete the things eventually and make things work unlike Tata Folks. Iíll probably approach Tata(VSNL) for a real good feedback  and BSNL for my next attempt as soon as Iím back.

By the way the area Iím talking about is adjacent to HSR Layout (itís a famous area in Bangalore isnít it!!!). I had been reading a lot review about Tata Services in other forums (like T-BHP for Tata Cars, MouthShut for Tata ISP services and so on) and I could not believe all those reviews until I had a person experience what I explained here. But looks like Tata, the name itself is not trustworthy and it needs a lot improvement. You can imagine a post sales service if I have such a bad experience of Pre-Sales service!!! Looks like TATA is going to set a standard in services industries in India.

I have lot to talk about this but Iíll wait for a person whom I can reach with Tata Indicom (or any TATA groups) who should at least think of saving TATAís image in the service industries. Please respond to me over email if any genuine Tata Officials this email reaches to.


Reliance 'Where CEO also can not help you'

Date: October 8, 2007
Reviewer: Reliance  
Overall: 1     Features: 1     Reliability: 1     Support: 1

I escalated my problem till CEO level but he is also helpless. Will you like to be a customer of such company??

Here is the mail which I sent to Reliance customer service and Anil Ambani.

Hi Helpdesk/Anil

After a lot frustrations and no proper response from Reliance customer care services I am writing this mail to 'The company head' as my last chance. I am one of the thousands of Reliance customers who are suffering from poor quality of service and are forced to change the provider.

If you don't have time to read this entire mail, you can just read last few lines..

I work for a BPO MNC, which provides technical support on Networking/Database/Operating Systems/EMail solutions to it's customer in US&UK. As this is a 24/7 work I need to have a good broadband connection so that I can do my work from home when I am oncall. It is a must have requirement and I cannot avoid it. To be very frank I choose Reliance broadband because there is no other internet service provider in my area. And now when I can't even have Reliance's working internet I am left with no other choice then shifting my house to any other area where I have another service provider.

Here is my story...

1) I applied for a Reliance Wi-max Broadband connection on 6th September (Thursday). The sales person said they need 7days to finish initial formalities. (Does 7 days required for the setup?? well ok)

2) Nobody called till 13th (Thursday) sep so I called and checked with the sales guy what happed. His reply "somebody should have contacted you .. Let me check I will get back" Till next day no call .. I rechecked he said tech person will visit your place today.. (hummm so for any info/progress I need to follow-up with them ok)

3) At 6PM finally I got a call (after 9 days of my application thank god ..) he is unable to locate my home. I guided him on phone but he dont know the landmarks also. Ok no probes. I said you stay there I will come and pick you. His reply "areee jaldi karo bhai waise hi 6:15 baj gaya hai" ( ohh so it's my fault he came at 6pm cant locate the house in the colony which has proper road and building guidline.. and I have leave all my office work aside and drop him to my house ... great )

4) Well taken him to my house. he is trying to setup the connection. After three and a half hour of trying he says "ye to aaj ho nahi raha hai mai kal aa ke karta hu aaj bahut der ho gayi hai" (Ok)

5) Next day noon he came ..tryed to setup the connection .. after 4 houres he talked about the some tachnical stuff "sir yanha 72 se kum nahi ho raha hai isse 70 tak hi hona chahiye .. mai kuch kar nahi sakta .. mai ye connection nahi laga sakta" I said why not??. My neighbor also have the same type of connection, you know the antenna of his wi-max connection is just near to one you fixed for me. When he can have a connection why cant I ?? he said I dont know but I cant. I don't have permission to setup on more then 70 range. I said Ok then give me your supervisor/boss/manager's number and let me discuss. He said I cant give you any number.(really ???) We can't setup connection here. I need to take my things back. I was surprised with the kind of response and was amazed that my neighbor can have the connection but I can't. FYI It is a wireless connection which do not require any hub port availability. if your house come under the tower range I believe this connection can be setup)

6) Ok so he has taken his cable / antenna / modem ... everything back.

7) Next day I discussed this with the sales guy. he said he will speak to the tech dept and get back.

8) At noon I got a call from the same tech guy who was trying to setup the connection. He bagged me "sir mai ek baar aur koushish karu? Shayad mai ab setup kar saku." I said ok.

9) He tried and setup the connection that day. I am happy.

10) But the connection worked only for two days. I called up to customer help desk number and they said that my account details are not yet filled in the database. Without that they can't help me. They can't log a complain as there is no record of my connection. I said OK let me wait for one more day.

11) Next day, again the same answer... I was surprised after 15 days of application submission my details are not filled in their database Öhufffff.

12) I called up to the sales guy. He is not having any idea about all this so wanted to check with his manager and get back. OK

13) Next day again I had to call him up. He given me his manager's number (Amrata) and asked me to check with her... oh God one more number.. once again I will have to tell my story to another person.. Okhay cool down man ...

14) Ok called her.. again she dont have any idea .. and she has to check and get back .. she said she will give me a call in another half hour.. Thank god

15) 5 hour gone no call.. once again I called her.. she said she could not check the person who manage all this shit.'s number was busy. Give me some time I will get back.

16) After 15 min FINALY I GOT A CALL FROM HER (I WILL SAY FROM RELAINCE FIRST TIME Hurreeee)... she said my application has got stuck in (pcm/acm or whaterver) department.. She has told them to update the info.. so call me again tomorrow ..

17) Next day before calling her I gave a try to check whether my internet is still down .. but finally it is up. so no need to call her now.

18) But just another two hours.. and then again it went down.. and since then it is still down.

19) I again called up to customer help desk they again raised a complain and I got another complain id... so now I have 2 complain ids ..(56098065,56229047)

20) Called up again to Amrata, she said she is done with her part.. now call and raise a complain at help desk. (ohhh my god how many times I will have to do it. )

21) Ok I called to helpdesk to check any progress on my complain, "Sorry sir, all the servers are down so I cant check your complain status. Good Good.

22) And the next day now, since morning I am trying to call help desk number but getting message "This route is busy please try later".

When I explained all this to my manager he was very amazed with the bad service of Reliance. He immediately sent an email to all the technical staff (about 550) and told them to not to go for the Reliance broadband. I also requested them to forward the mail to their contacts and let everyone know about the VERY BAD reliance service. This whole story I am putting on review websites, forums, and communities so that every one should be aware of what kind of service they will get if they choose Reliance. I am sure this will go on and you will really see a fall in your customer base very soon.

Thanks a lot.


Surendra Singh Chhabra

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