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Reviews for ISP: Joshua Internet

The following comments have been recorded for "Joshua Internet".

Average Overall Score: 1.5
Average Features Score: 2.0
Average Reliability Score: 1.4
Average Support Score: 1.1

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Previously a good isp - last 6 months have seen the service and support really go down hill.

Date: January 15, 2005
Reviewer: James  
Overall: 3     Features: 3     Reliability: 3     Support: 2

Have been a customer for around 3 years. The first 2.5 years i had pretty good service and couldn't really fault them. Last 6 months has seen this service really go down hill, recommended a client to joshua and they have had nothing but problems and for the last 2 months i've been having lots of issues. Response times to these issues has also been very poor - I have had to wait almost 2 weeks for some help desk responses. My webstats for my site haven't been working since the begining of december and my email hasn't been working properly for the last 3 or 4 days. Apparantly all these issues are being dealt with but what i'd like to know is when? 99.9% uptime - I don't think so! Next month i won't be renewing my contract and will be migrating to another ISP who can offer me the service i need, even if it is at additional cost.

Support? What support.

Date: March 4, 2005
Reviewer: Chris   (
Overall: 2     Features: 2     Reliability: 3     Support: 1

I'd have to concur with the other reviewer in that yes, Joshua Internet seems to have gone a bit wonky lately. At least in terms of its support - I've emailed them, left messages, opened a support call and more and have heard absolutely nothing from them.

Very Poor

Date: June 16, 2005
Reviewer: Sean Houlihane  
Reviewer site:
Overall: 1     Features: 1     Reliability: 1     Support: 1

Originally a good service, but not working properly since Jan 2005. Support queries go unanswered.

Do not use

Date: October 13, 2005
Reviewer: Sean Houlihane  
Reviewer site:
Overall: 1     Features: 1     Reliability: 1     Support: 1

They failed to renew my domain, despite me paying in good time. I then had to pay nominet to transfer it to a new ISP.

Wish I had found these reviews sooner

Date: November 1, 2005
Reviewer: Mike Lyne  
Overall: 2     Features: 3     Reliability: 1     Support: 1

No response to support requests (over a month on one and still counting), not making Domain Renewal services available in time (10 days left on one and still I can't renew), not responding to requests to allow me to change Register Agent Tag (3 days) (wonder why I want to change? Hmmm!), Name servers down for 4 days so losing email and web.

In terms of the Ratings I have given, if it works they are OK. If it doesn't work, you have a MAJOR problem.

Shockingly poor

Date: November 9, 2005
Reviewer: Richard   (
Overall: 1     Features: 1     Reliability: 1     Support: 1

I've been a customer for over a year, and have experienced desperately poor service.

1. Webstats broke a year ago and have not been fixed, despite repeated requests. I am told this is a temporary problem!

2. The my site together with Joshua's has come down on more than one occasion, and with it my e-mail and the ability to log in to the JoshuaInternet customer page and find out what's going on. I am left not knowing how long the problem will last, or whether he is even still in business? Should I be looking elsewhere?

Yes I should.

Don't touch them, even with a bargepole.

Shocking - no email and no support

Date: November 14, 2005
Reviewer: Chris Mitchell  
Overall: 1     Features: 3     Reliability: 1     Support: 1

For the second time in six months, our company e-mail (hosted by Joshua) is down. This time it's been down for over a week, and absolutely no response from Joshua. Phoning them puts you through to an answering machine, and they don't respond. Their website claims their DNS is down and is "being looked at" - and it's been saying that since 8 November, though e-mail has been down longer than that.

Unbelievably appalling service.

absolutely useless

Date: December 14, 2005
Reviewer: mike livesey  
Reviewer site:
Overall: 1     Features: N/A     Reliability: 1     Support: 1

i have found joshua to be the worst isp i have ever encountered i am now trying to escape and move to clara but tim berry who seems to run the place does not answer my emails and has in fact turned my e mail addy off even though i have 7 days left on my account no phone support and hardly any answer to any ticket i have raised and i only use them for a tiny service god help anyone who needs it to work all the time

Gone downhill over the last year or so

Date: January 13, 2006
Reviewer: Paul Smith  
Overall: 2     Features: 3     Reliability: 1     Support: 1

Like some of the other reviewers i've been a long term client of Joshua's. Were really good with quick response times, but recently I get no joy with them. I have issues with both of the accounts i have with them (personal and a national organisation), yet months down the line of placing the initial problems with them i still have no response. As much as i hate to admit it i would avoid using them....


Date: January 27, 2006
Reviewer: Nick Rushton  
Overall: 1     Features: 1     Reliability: 1     Support: 1

I've been using JoshuaInternet for nearly 5 years but not for much longer. At the time of writing my email has been down for 4 days and I have customers phoning me and asking why I am not responding to their messages. It is IMPOSSIBLE to obtain support from these guys: I have phoned, emailed, faxed etc. Not so much an acknowledgement, much less a fix. This email outage problem has been occuring every 3-4 weeks since they had server crashes last November. Have I got to go there myself and fix it?
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