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Reviews for ISP: Radiant Communications

The following comments have been recorded for "Radiant Communications".

Average Overall Score: 3.6
Average Features Score: 3.7
Average Reliability Score: 2.6
Average Support Score: 3.6

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These guys are great to deal with and offer good support.

Date: April 10, 2000
Reviewer: Eric Grove  
Overall: 5     Features: 4     Reliability: 4     Support: 5

I am very happy with them as my ISP, they offer lots of space, servlet 2.0 support, and their support is very responsive. My only complaints would be that they don't support Java 1.2 yet, and you can't update your own servlet property files.

Pretty good, but sometimes down

Date: April 17, 2000
Reviewer: Niek van Suchtelen  
Reviewer site:
Overall: 4     Features: 4     Reliability: 3     Support: 4

I've been with this host for about half a year now, and overall i can say that my servlets run very well on their server. Especially lately. However, i've had and still occasionally have some problems: instead of running the servlet, the page visitor gets a page with an "Internal Server Error", This was quite annoying, but fortunately i haven't seen it for the past 2 months or so. Hopefully it'll stay this way! If it does, it's a great host that is not expensive (150MB + servlets + MySQL for 25$/month). Feel free to have a look at my website ( to see the servlets in action...

down the whole day

Date: April 21, 2000
Reviewer: Niek van Suchtelen   (
Reviewer site:
Overall: 3     Features: 3     Reliability: 1     Support: 2

Well, i wrote a review about this host a couple of days ago, saying it was quite good. Well, i just wanted to say that today several things have been down the whole day: i couldn't use FTP, couldn't access my database, servlets were down, and the helpdesk wasn't there. So... great!

Pretty good ISP

Date: September 14, 2000
Reviewer: Kris Latham  
Reviewer site:
Overall: 4     Features: 5     Reliability: 3     Support: 4

This is a pretty good ISP. Sometimes it is hard to get FTP to work properly. But, for the price it is excellent. Everytime I've pulled the site it it has worked. The servlets run fast, also.


Date: February 8, 2001
Reviewer: Brooks Davis   (
Overall: 3     Features: 3     Reliability: 2     Support: 4

I don't think that TopChoice has Java as a top priority. I was initially thrilled to find a Java-supporting ISP in my home town. However, they have been telling me for 4 months that they will deploy Apache Jakarta-Tomcat and JSP 1.1 without even starting to. They currently use the obsolete gnujsp. I cancelled my accounts with them and am now looking for an ISP that is more serious about Java.

Servers are always DOWN!

Date: February 23, 2001
Reviewer: Andrew  
Overall: 2     Features: 3     Reliability: 1     Support: 2

Topchoice has been so frustrating! This week alone, my site was down for THREE days. I'm now in the process of moving it. I concur on the Tomcat wishes too. Their JSP/Servlet offerings are in the form of JServ and GNUJSP. This is quite limiting because JServ only supports JSDK 2.0!

I recommend these guys.

Date: September 13, 2001
Reviewer: Paul Finnegan   (
Reviewer site:
Overall: 4     Features: 4     Reliability: 4     Support: 4

I have good things to say about these hosts. I was able to migrate my site here and all it's code and set up my database (MySQL) with relative ease, using their interfaces and tools. When they switched from JServ to Tomcat my site had some problems but their customer service guys were able to resolve it for me quickly.They have been bought out by Radiant, by the way, ( My site's performance continues to be fine, so I haven't had much reason to talk with their customer service for a while now. For $25 a month, it's really good value.
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