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Reviews for ISP: PerformanceHosting

The following comments have been recorded for "PerformanceHosting".

Average Overall Score: 3.7
Average Features Score: 3.7
Average Reliability Score: 3.7
Average Support Score: 3.7

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Very happy, Reliable, Friendly

Date: December 15, 2004
Reviewer: Darren  
Overall: 5     Features: 4     Reliability: 5     Support: 5

I am surprised to see some negatives above, but I can say that my service has been exceptional! The support is fast and helpful and server reliability is very good. I have had no issues to date. I have been with these guys for almost 8 months now. I highly recommend them.

Nothing but problems

Date: December 15, 2004
Reviewer: Matt  
Overall: 1     Features: 2     Reliability: 1     Support: 1

I paid 6 months up front to these guys. Big mistake.

I got nothing but constant 'out of memory' errors and my apps ran far too slowly to justify the move from a free host.

They refused to look into the problem, said that the problem was on MY end (and I suppose the end of all my users, too), and when I said I'd like my money back, the emails stopped.

I never got a credit and am now about to dispute it with my bank.

You've been warned.

Smooth sailing

Date: December 25, 2004
Reviewer: Bill  
Reviewer site:
Overall: 5     Features: 5     Reliability: 5     Support: 5

Been customer since May 2002 to present, and always have been very happy with services provided.

Techs seem knowledgable, curteous and I always have gotten quick responses to my questions. Without a doubt, highly recommended.

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