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Reviews for ISP: Silicon Valley Web Hosting

The following comments have been recorded for "Silicon Valley Web Hosting".

Average Overall Score: 5.0
Average Features Score: 5.0
Average Reliability Score: 5.0
Average Support Score: 5.0

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Received great support as a new customer

Date: August 14, 2000
Reviewer: Chris Geraghty  
Overall: 5     Features: 5     Reliability: 5     Support: 5

After shopping around extensively, I was down to the following:, MMA (Motivational Marketing Associates),, Senternet. Eliminated and Senternet because they were running RedHat Linux. (I intend to use the site to learn JSPs and acquaint myself w/ the Solaris platform.) MMA was cheaper but didn't offer telnet/SSH access. (And what's up with that name, "Motivational marketing Associates"?) Between TheSphere and SVWH, I chose SVWH b/c TheSphere didn't appear to offer MySQL or other mainstream DBMS except for their $375/mo account. (!) With SVWH, I get a good balance of price and performance at a local shop (I'm in the Bay Area). I selected their servlet flat option @ $100/mo. Anyway, Mike S. at SVWH got me started pretty much right away (<4 hrs turnaround). Tech support patiently answered many of my newbie questions without getting annoyed. Unlike tech support at my ISP or my domain registrar (domainsdirect/TUCOWS), SVWH support knows what they're talking about -- and they're prompt in replying and articulate too. Overall, I'm very impressed so far. Wish me luck! -- Chris
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