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Would you buy a "Java Servlet Programming, 3rd Edition" that covers the upcoming Servlet API 2.4? Comments welcome!

The following comments have been recorded for No, sorry, these days servlets aren't changing enough to need a book.

  • yukss (24 Sep 2015 00:00)
  • Hi! XkbFfD (25 Dec 2009 00:00)
  • Hi! qfCaxrL (25 Dec 2009 00:00)
  • Hi!njpl! mujdq snrxx gjmdo aadau tsbxu bkhgz rueif rtmaz heube qwvdi (4 May 2009 00:00)
  • your books are a big shit... (28 Sep 2006 00:00)
  • H?h? (18 Dec 2006 00:00)
  • I'll buy 5 copies of the 3d ed. if you give away a free pdf of the 1st ed. (4 Dec 2005 00:00)
  • I'll probably read parts of it on Safari. Btw we have the 2nd ed and it's fine! (24 Feb 2005 00:00)
  • I've got it for free through kazaa (18 Jun 2003 00:00)
  • It would have to cover things like taglibraries and such in order to really be valuable. The specification isn't changing enough to have a book just on the servlet API. (13 Apr 2003 00:00)
  • No.. but I would download it and teach it to others if you made it free and wanted to contribute more to the community. (10 Apr 2003 00:00)
  • Just JSP (8 Apr 2003 00:00)
  • the internet is out carefull... (8 Apr 2003 00:00)
  • I do own Java Servlet Programming, second edition. (2 Apr 2003 00:00)
  • I would encourage Jason to employ his talent to publish a book on a different topic at this time. Provide upgrades to your 2.3 spec book on the Internet and thus, add more value to your name (and this site, may be?) (30 Mar 2003 00:00)
  • yeah servlets stayed very much the same and not easy to develop web contents and also coding wise cumbersome (11 Feb 2003 00:00)
  • I will be happy to catch the earlier versions first. (11 Feb 2003 00:00)
  • I will browse (31 Jan 2003 00:00)
  • Unless there's some outstanding changes to the Servlet API I don't think I would buy it. (9 Jan 2003 00:00)
  • There really isn't a great deal new in the Servlet 2.4 spec. However, there are very significant changes in the JSP 2.0 spec, so if your book is going to cover those then it would be definitely worth a new edition. (29 Dec 2002 00:00)
  • Needs a chapter on JDO before I will buy it. (29 Dec 2002 00:00)
  • Bought the first in french (boohh!) and second in english. Now using Struts and EJBs. Don't think I will ever write a servlet again ! (12 Dec 2002 00:00)
  • At the moment I just don't see the point. While JSPs are chasing their tails trying to become decent template languages, they are doing it slow enough to not warrant a book exclusively to that purpose. One on taglibs is probably more worthwhile. (21 Nov 2002 00:00)
  • oh de bumba man dread eye tis good t'be bak na bumba clarty seed na seedy rare jar... (7 Nov 2002 00:00)
  • I've already got book 1 & 2. Book 2 was worth the upgrade, however. (16 Oct 2002 00:00)
  • I think a book covering using servlets with other technologies would be better. Specifically dynamic graphics and the template engines. The coverage in the 2nd edition is dated now. Need Velocity and Freemarker coverage and graphics updated to newer 2D APIs. (4 Oct 2002 00:00)
  • i am student and i find your goods too dear (2 Oct 2002 00:00)
  • Your book is excellent (it is my bible on servlets) but I only find books useful for the basic information. Most of the new stuff is easily found on sites such as JavaWorld and Sun. (28 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • I already have an application running. When I switch to 2.4, I'll look around for articles that show me how to improve my app with teh new features but I would not buy the book (I did not buy teh second edition either). (27 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • The new changes can be best covered by an article on one of the Java sites like or (27 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • It's too expensive to buy a book describing some API changes. I have the 2-nd edition already .. Thank you ! (27 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • I don't think there will be major changes in 2.4. So, I will use Net to update myself (26 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • I think you should write it though, there are always new programmers who'd need it. I got the 2ed edition btw very good book. I'll use the internet to get updated. (26 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • we swhiched back to perl (mod_perl) these days, it works much faster on the server side! but we still use java, but for applets and client side apps (26 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • I think I can get all of the info I need on the changes to the spec from online resources. Thanks anyway! (26 Sep 2002 00:00)
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